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Janine Hogendoorn

Founder & Director
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
I am passionate about people and their intrinsic motivation to help and enjoy living on earth. I strongly believe in people's intrinsic authentic power to act certain ways all life on earth benefit. People, communities, trees, plants and animals. Freedom of Choice is one of the biggest possibilities for each person to enjoy life and all the little things in life that exposes so much beauty. For me this is all embedded in cycling as mode of transport to go to work, school, friends, family and shops. Rewarding cycle kilometres from 5 different perspectives make people aware of their choice and helps the Netherlands to become the most healthy and cleanest country in the world and inspires other countries and city's to do the same.
Ring-Ring® is a network to connect employers, city governments, entrepreneurs and insurance companies to reward active mobility from their own social and financial benefit goals. Cycling is good for economy, public space, health, climate and mobility (freedom of choice).