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avatar for Rosana Nogueira Junqueira

Rosana Nogueira Junqueira

Trieiras Holding
Associated/Marketing Director
Caratinga Area, Brazil
Trieiras is a young company of sustainable urban projects. Today we're working on the construction fase of our fist project, Santa Helena I: a new neighborhood that aims to change the concept of new urban areas in Caratinga, a 100.000 population city with great transformational potential, but poor investments on urbanism until now.
PlaceMaking Week 2017 is for us an opportunity to reach new ideas and concepts for public spaces development.
Tuesday, October 10

12:00 CEST

19:00 CEST

Wednesday, October 11

07:30 CEST

08:30 CEST

20:00 CEST

Thursday, October 12

09:00 CEST

09:45 CEST

10:30 CEST

11:15 CEST

12:30 CEST

13:30 CEST

16:30 CEST

17:45 CEST

19:00 CEST

Friday, October 13

08:00 CEST

09:00 CEST

10:45 CEST

12:00 CEST

14:30 CEST

16:00 CEST

17:15 CEST

18:00 CEST

21:00 CEST

Saturday, October 14

11:00 CEST