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Tuesday, October 10

12:00 CEST

Place Game: Sloterdijk: Placemaking Toward a Multi-Use Public Transit Area
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In this interactive session, attendees will learn about the Sloterdijk district, and work with local stakeholders to analyze the area's challenges and opportunities.

Sloterdijk is one of Amsterdam's major public transit nodes. In the 1980s, it was developed as a monofunctional office area. Since three years, the City of Amsterdam has been changing the area's strategy towards mixed use, with hotels, students, and now residential. Great attention is being payed to the city at eye level in the newly built projects, and several placemaking initiatives have been launched and are already contributing to the area. Now, these efforts are providing the seeds for a larger and more structural place management coalition that will guide growth for the next 30 years.

During the place game, hosted by Studio Valkenier.nl and Tuin van BRET, participants will zoom in on a complicated area: the Carascoplein, which is divided by railtracks and flyovers for cyclist and pedestrians. How can we make an attractive public space here? What is needed to make the place more useful? How can nearby stakeholders contribute? Participants will be challenged to come up with creative, unexpected, and inspiring ideas for the Carascoplein.

All the ideas and solutions—presented by the paricipants of the placegame—will be discussed by a panel of experts:
  • Delphine van Wageningen, Project Manager, Program Management Office, Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Aiko van der Lem, Program Manager, Westpoort / Sloterdijk, Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Wouter Valkenier, Architect and Initiator of Tuin van BRET
Lunch will be provided.

  • 11:45am: Meet at the heart of Sloterdijk, Orlyplein Sloterdijk station
  • 12pm: Walk and lunch at Tuin van Bret
  • 1pm: Welcome and introduction of Sloterdijk and Tuin van Bret
  • 1:30pm: Instructions for place game in Carascosquare
  • 2pm: Walk and experience the public space of Carascosquare in small groups
  • 3:30pm: Group planning and preparation for presentation of ideas
  • 4pm: Presenting ideas to the panel and other groups
  • 4:30pm: Reflection and conclusion
  • 5pm: Drinks

avatar for Lex de Jong

Lex de Jong

Community Manager & Placemaker, Placemaking Plus
avatar for Siënna Veelders

Siënna Veelders

Heritage Professional & Junior Advisor, STIPO
I'm a Heritage Professional and placemaker at STIPO, stationed in Rotterdam. Together with Think City and Urban Discovery we're working on The City at Eye Level Asia book publication and network, to be launched on th 7th of November in KL.

avatar for Stan de Kanter

Stan de Kanter

Placemaker, Placemaking Plus
avatar for Aiko van der Lem

Aiko van der Lem

Area Manager, Program Manager, City of Amsterdam
avatar for Pien van der Ploeg

Pien van der Ploeg

Senior Communication Advisor, Gemeente Amsterdam
avatar for Arwen Schram

Arwen Schram

Project Manager of Urban Development, Sloterdijk, Gemeente Amsterdam
avatar for Wouter Valkenier

Wouter Valkenier

Founder, Studio Valkenier
avatar for Delphine van Wageningen

Delphine van Wageningen

Project Manager, Gementee Amsterdam

Tuesday October 10, 2017 12:00 - 18:00 CEST
Station Sloterdijk Orlyplein 111, 1043 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wednesday, October 11

10:00 CEST

Tour: Plein '40-'45: Success of a Cultural Hotspot
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A walk through the booming neighborhood of Plein 40-45, alive with cultural entrepreneurs and residents to see and talk with about successes and challenges. Success is never easy.


Mohamed Bensellam

Area Manager, Gemeente Amsterdam

Wednesday October 11, 2017 10:00 - 12:00 CEST
Tuinstadhuis (Foyer) Plein '40-'45 1 1064 SW Amsterdam Netherlands

14:00 CEST

Tour: Exclusively Inclusive: The Battle for a Future of our Own Making

Sign-up links for all off-sites will be sent by email to conference registrants only in late September. Advanced registration required. Capacity: 30.

Green City Buzz is a sustainable urban development foundation with a story very much born of a place—the "Secret Village" in Amsterdam's historic city centre. Known as Amsterdam's "gay street," in 2016 the area became the target of redevelopment, but redevelopment with a soul!

Green City Buzz initially teamed up with all stakeholders on the street to improve the area through greening and better use of public space. We're now future-proofing Secret Village by implementing 20+ sub-projects from sustainable food and eco-friendly logistics to social cohesion initiatives and community engagement events. Our pièce de résistance is yet to come—transforming the street into a pedestrian haven and a true village centre for all Secret Villagers.

This a story of a battle for inclusive placemaking. How do you "improve" an area without letting go of the comforting and familiar? How do you welcome a new generation of visitors without alienating the old? How do you stay focused on big-picture thinking when the system tells you to stop dreaming big and narrow your focus, because it's easier? 

Everything we do must keep the bigger picture in mind, because every street is an urban eco-system. You can't touch one area without impacting another, and it's time we approach urban development with this uncompromising mindset of real-world integration. We don't claim to have all the solutions (yet), but we have earned many answers worth sharing. It's what makes this little Amsterdam street, its inhabitants, and its caretakers a true game-changer in sustainable and inclusive urban development.


Wednesday October 11, 2017 14:00 - 16:00 CEST
Corner of Reguliersdwarsstraat & Sint Jorisstraat 1016 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands

14:00 CEST

Tour: Placemaking for the Long Run in Het Buikslotermeerplein
Sign-up links for all off-sites will be sent by email to conference registrants only in late September. Advanced registration required. Capacity: 20.

State of Flux and De Modestraat present an interactive program, tour and workshop about the connection between short-term creative placemaking and longterm development. Visit the ugliest public area in Amsterdam to learn about the beautiful possibilities of co-creative, place-led city development. 

Het Buikslotermeerplein is an area with one of the biggest shopping malls in Amsterdam with great economic potential, but the old-school look of a place that is build around the car. It’s declining under a planning-process that began in 1999 and has not yet led to the investments that are so desperately needed. While new housing and office space is in development near the subway line, after four urban plans there are still no ideas for the shopping mall itself.

De Modestraat, a so-called "Broedplaats" or arts incubator, replaced an old complex of restaurants in 2013. There they made a place for artists and the neigbourhood with studios, a lunchroom, and space for activities. De Modestraat strives to make the daily environment more beautiful and liveable and works on the interaction between creatives and residents that results in neighbourhood improvement.

State of Flux, based in the north of Amsterdam, is an agency specialized in placemaking with co-creation and mixing of disciplines at its core. In 2015, it decided that the time for waiting was over: De Modestraat and other neighborhood stakeholders should work together to start on what can be improved now. As a result, they programmed a diversity of activities and started with small steps in redesigning the area. In 2017, however, State of Flux had to end its efforts to connect the short term and long term due to insufficient funding. 

The Buikslotermeerplein case shows how independent creative placemakers can make a difference. It also shows how an informal setting of co-creation has a great impact on the understanding between different parties that leads to shared vision, immediate action, and fewer conflicts. 

avatar for Donica Buisman

Donica Buisman

founder/ director, State of Flux
I create, manage and advice on programs to (re)develope places via their public spaces with a combination of place led (temporary) architecture, design, green and art. I have a specific goal to innovate the working method of city development into a co-creative system involving a broad... Read More →
avatar for Gwen van Zaane

Gwen van Zaane

Artistic Director, Modestraat

Wednesday October 11, 2017 14:00 - 16:00 CEST
De Modestraat Buikslotermeerplein 15-17, Amsterdam

14:00 CEST

Off-Site Workshop & Tour: Green Placemaking & More at De Ceuvel
Dive into one of the most playful and sustainable urban experiments in Europe and find out about de Ceuvel, BenchesCollective, KantoorKaravaan, ROEF, and more. 

Tour de Ceuvel:
On the former shipyard we have realized one of the most unique urban experiments in Europe. Old houseboats have been placed on heavily polluted soil, the workspaces have been outfitted with clean technologies and it has all been connected by a winding jetty. Around the houseboats phyto-remediating plants work to clean the soil. De Ceuvel is not only a “forbidden garden,” which will leave behind cleaner soil, but also a playground for sustainable technologies. Through experimentation, we are as energy self-sufficient as possible and process our own waste in new, innovative ways.

Presentation KantoorKaravaan:
KantoorKaravaan is a workplace in the middle of nature, an experience combining your professional life with the exciting and inspirational sphere of the wilderness. Designed as a mobile off-grid workplace, the KantoorKaravaan sets up camp in various locations in the countryside.

Presentation WeTheCity & ROEF:
WeTheCity aims at showing the city as a shared canvas that can be colored by us all, together. ROEF is one of the projects and aims at transforming the underused rooftop landscape into a greener, more sustainable and more public space. And that starts with discovering that landscape. And therefore we organized an intimate and inspiring festival on the most beautiful rooftops of Amsterdam. ROEF invites people to see the city from a whole new viewpoint and take in all green possibilities. Let’s rise above the hectic city life! Hop from roof, to roof, to roof: you’ll find a powerful symposium, surprising program, dreamy shows, musical highlights, refreshing cocktails and hot summer tunes.

Workshop BenchesCollective:
The mission on BenchesCollective is to transform public space into a meeting place for everyone. The largest open-air café in the world consists of ‘opened’ benches on the sidewalk in front of houses, in the park or on a city square. As a bench host you decide your opening times and what you want to serve: a nice cup of coffee, home baked cake, a marble competition or dancing lesson. At the opened benches you’ll meet all your neighbours. From students, young families and chatty granny’s to playful kids. Together we form an international movement that aims to create more friendly, socially inclusive and fun cities and communities. Since 2014 over 1,500 benches opened in 21 countries bringing over 25,000 people together.

avatar for Tom van de Beek

Tom van de Beek

Founder, The Tipping Point Foundation
Besides being a sustainable entrepreneur, Tom considers himself an innerpreneur by using his business to find personal fulfilment and create social change. What interests him is communication, transition, ecology vs economy, and understanding life - or at least trying to. As Jiddu... Read More →
avatar for Esmee Jiskoot

Esmee Jiskoot

Co-Creator, Cafe de Ceuvel
avatar for Jesse Jop Jorg

Jesse Jop Jorg

Urban Creative, WeTheCity
Urban creative Jesse Jop Jorg is involved in many projects that are designed to shape and color the city. He worked for several departments at the city of Amsterdam including the Bureau Art Factories, Placemaking Oosterpark and Art & Culture Amsterdam North, before becoming project... Read More →
avatar for Cathelijn de Reede

Cathelijn de Reede

Freelance Concept Creative, Springtide Studios

Wednesday October 11, 2017 14:00 - 17:00 CEST
De Ceuvel Korte Papaverweg, 1032KB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Saturday, October 14

08:45 CEST

Tour: Market Safari by Boat & Foot (FULL)
Sign-up links for all off-sites will be sent by email to conference registrants only in late September. Advanced registration required. Capacity: 60 (FULL).

This dynamic market daytrip will take us to four different markets in Amsterdam East, South and Old West boroughs.

Join placemaker and market expert, Peter Groenendaal, as he takes you by boat and by foot to the city's many markets, from the diverse, inclusive Dapper Market to the touristy Abert Cuyp Market near the Museum District, from the highbrow Neighbor ZuiderMRKT to the resilient Ten Kate market and neighboring Food Hallen. 

Eat, drink, and meet the locals! Take it to the streets, the parks, the squares and canals!

  • 8:45–9am Meet at Hannekes Boom
  • 9–9:30am Boat trip with coffee and introduction to first destination
  • 9:30–10:30am Visit Dapper Market
  • 10:30–11am Boat trip to second destination
  • 11am–12pm Visit Albert Cuypmarkt
  • 12–12:30pm  Walk to third destination via Museum Quarter
  • 12:15–1pm Lunch at ZuiderMRKT 
  • 1–2pm Visit ZuiderMRKT
  • 2–2:30pm Walk to fourth destination via Vondelpark
  • 2:30–4pm Visit Ten Katemarkt & Foodhallen
  • 4pm Closing Discussion & Drinks at Topido’s, typical Ten Katemarkt Café

avatar for Peter Groenendaal

Peter Groenendaal

Founder, Director & Placemaker, Placemaking Plus
I was born in 1949, and educated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I grew up in Amsterdam East, where I soon discovered the Borough's bustling street life, the Dapper Market and the Oosterpark. In 1967 I moved to Amsterdam New West and in 1970 further west to Brooklyn , New York, and... Read More →

Saturday October 14, 2017 08:45 - 16:00 CEST
Hannekes Boom Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands

10:00 CEST

Site Visit: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal: From a Space for Cars to a Place for People

Drop by this open-house-style event to meet local placemakers, learn about this major thoroughfare, and discuss its ongoing transformation with shop owners, residents, and city officials.

The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, a thoroughfare between the city's main shopping district and its famous canal belt, has played a big and diverse role in Dutch history. Over the years it has served as the home of the biggest national newspapers and the squatting movement, and still acts as the "backyard" of the Royal Palace.

Today, the street forms a unique mix of functions with a diffuse character, but in the coming years, it will be transformed from a traffic-dominated road into a series of connected destinations. But how can we maintain locality, diversity, and authenticity in this process? Meet the street and help us out!

avatar for Guido Kuijvenhoven

Guido Kuijvenhoven

Project Leader, Street-Oriented Approach, Gemeente Amsterdam
avatar for Daniëlle Meiboom

Daniëlle Meiboom

Area Manager, Nieuwe Zijde, Gemeente Amsterdam

Saturday October 14, 2017 10:00 - 16:00 CEST
Akhnaton Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, 1012 PV Amsterdam, Netherlands

11:00 CEST

Tour: Kinkerboulevard
Sign-up links for all off-sites will be sent by email to conference registrants only in late September. Advanced registration required. Capacity: 30.

The Kinkerstraat used to be a typical Amsterdam shopping street. In recent years, the street is changing fast from shopping street to a street where you meet your friends in a coffee bar or get a deli take-away. What are the effects on the neigborhood?

Eva Pel and Marieke Geljon will take you on a tour through the Kinkerstraat and tell you ins and outs about the entrepreneurs and their experiences. The tour is part of the public program Pel and Geljon organize around their artproject and exhibition Kinkerboulevard, which can be visited at the Library de Hallen after the tour. 

avatar for Marieke Geljon

Marieke Geljon

Marieke Geljon studied urban geography in Amsterdam and is social housing specialist.
avatar for Eva Pel

Eva Pel

Eva Pel studied in Amsterdam and Los Angeles; she is artistic researcher, urban geographer and flaneur. Her main research interest, among others, is contemporary urban life.

Saturday October 14, 2017 11:00 - 12:30 CEST
De Hallen (Tollensstraat entrance) Hannie Dankbaarpassage 47, 1053 RT Amsterdam, Netherlands

11:30 CEST

Tour: Planning & Protest in the Nieuwmarkt, Then & Now
Sign-up links for all off-sites will be sent by email to conference registrants only in late September. Advanced registration required. Capacity: 25.

Together with Marijke Storm you will visit the Nieuwmarkt area. Together with formal activist Hans van Os you will follow the path of the subway line underneath the area, learn about the protests following the subway's arrival in the 1970s, as well as the neighborhood's current battles.

In the 1970s, two ideas of urbanism were at war in Nieumarkt: Jane Jacobs versus Robert Moses. The official policy was to open up the city center with freeways, offices, hotels and commerce, and to move inhabitants out to suburbs and new towns. When houses in the medieval Jewish quarter were demolished for the construction of the underground line. The young postwar generation fought for a human scale city, with a mix of inhabitants and vibrant street life, and changed the popular vision of an urban lifestyle.

Later, new houses were constructed above the metro line and the old street patterns restored. Socially motivated architects united with inhabitants to consturct subsidized housing for families, elderly people, and artists, and the Nieuwmarkt area became a lively and socially mixed neighborhood. Alas, nowadays the inhabitants have to fight again to maintain that mix. Commercial enterprises, tourism, speculation, high rents, and AirBnB are taking over, alienating and driving away existing inhabitants.

Then or now, the key questions remain the same: Who owns the city? What kind of city do we want to be?

Meetingpoint: Metro Exit Nieuwe Herengracht. 

When you missed people at the meeting point you can ring the doorbel from 11.50 at:

Kantoor De Halve Wereld

Nieuwe Amstelstraat 14.

Or call Marijke Storm: +316 20834489 


Hans van Os

Chairman, Bewonersraad Nieuwmarkt
Activist in the Nieuwmarkt area
avatar for Marijke Storm

Marijke Storm

Senior Consultant, Retired
Marijke Storm was active in grassroot organizations, working on public space, walkability, self-management, mixed use, and affordable homes, but is now retired. She was an urban planner and a Senior Consultant with STIPO, and worked previously for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Saturday October 14, 2017 11:30 - 13:30 CEST
Waterlooplein Station Nieuwe Herengracht 2, 1018 Amsterdam, Netherlands