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Camille Lintag

Wayfinding Strategist & Information Designer
Camille is a strategist and information designer at Endpoint, a specialist in wayfinding and the translation of brands within the built environment. Endpoint looks at the built environment in a different way. A way that creates immense strategic and aesthetic value for clients.

Camille's interest in wayfinding stems from her background as a landscape architect. Having a deep understanding of the built environment and user needs, combined with her passion for graphics, are both essential in her work at Endpoint. She believes in creating sustainable, inclusive design solutions that are culturally sensitive and socially relevant.

Camille's work encompasses wayfinding landscape integration studies for residential and hospitality projects in Dubai. She also creates technical drawings on developments, such as the Dubai Design District.

Prior to joining Endpoint, Camille worked on various projects with some of the most brilliant designers in Southeast Asia, where she gained her extensive background in graphics, design management and space planning. She is proficient in creating 2D and 3D graphics, as well as (old-school) freehand sketching.

Endpoint Dubai studio works with a diverse range of clients including Dubai International Financial District, the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MoTC), Broadway Malyan Architects, Tecom Group, P&T Architects & Engineers, SSH Design, Cracknell Architects and much more.
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